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SOC-Group Biography

Matt Wilson (MSG) retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta. He has extensive knowledge of Land warfare, Maritime Operation’s, and specializes in overt and covert breaching. Matt’s military assignments include the 75th Ranger Regiment, 7th Special Forces Group and The United States Army Special Operations Command.
Mr. Wilson has extensive knowledge and experience training and instructing in various settings and cultures around the world, to include weapons training, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), while specializing in special activities such as covert/surreptitious entry. Matt utilizes these skill sets to help his clients meet and exceed their needs and goals through consulting and security which can be customized to accommodate any venue and client.
SOC Group is a platform to showcase various verticals of training for not only the military and law enforcement, but to introduce Special Operations methodologies as a parallel strategy to corporate leadership and team building as well as our civilian communities. SOC Group, Inc. has been strategically aligned to market its capabilities to commercial, federal and international venues to include corporate training, vulnerability assessments (facilities and residential) and advanced party site surveys.

Special Operations Contingent Group, Inc.


Threat Assessments-

• Understand client’s operational requirements for assessment
• Boots on the ground assessment of given facility
• Multiple views of facility from large scale (Major Highways or thoroughfares) to exact
location of structure-ID potential threat approaches
• Identify improper layered security measures
• Review past history of any attacks


Vulnerability Assessments-

• Understand clients threat definition
• Facilities Known target area(s)
• Understand the facilities detection, delay and response
• An internal and external facility tour is needed
• Check guard protocols
• Check system integration of sensors and guards
• Check Communications plan
• Check doors, windows and locks


Penetration Testing/Covert Methods of Entry-

• Unique blend of surveillance, reconnaissance and probing of targeted building(s)
• Used specifically for a mature, secured site
• Can be used to test newly secured facilities protocols
• Nondestructive means of defeat and entry


Advanced Party Site Survey-

• Designed for safety and security of high-vis personnel
• Security check of lodging
• Conducts security checks of places of interest on client’s itinerary
• Conducts multiple route reconnaissance on client’s itinerary
• Detailed report of pattern of life (POL) of clients destination(s)


Special Operations Contingent Group, Inc. – 2015

Training for the Workplace-

Active Shooter-How to perform under the stress of an attack at the work place or establishment.
Surveillance/Counter Surveillance-Course for personnel security detail traveling abroad on
how to stay safe and vigilant with their client and surroundings.
Contingency Planning- How to use Special Operation Forces (SOF) PACE planning to
seamlessly move from one task to another.


• PACE-Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency

Situational Awareness-

Course designed to help keep people and employees aware of their
surroundings. Also, how to ID threat or friendly, egress routes and be proactive, not reactive.

Training for the Civilian Population-

Self Defense:
• Hand to Hand-Simplistic use of hands, knees and elbows to disrupt an attacker.
• Knife Fighting-How to turn everyday objects into weapons of self defense.
• Stick Fighting-Protect yourself with ordinary objects to keep predators at a distance.


Home Defense-Learn- To defend your home through planning, preparation and rehearsals.

• Blow out bags
• Safe room
• Essentials of room to room egress


Matt Wilson / Owner

Special Operations Contingent Group, Inc.

Cell: 623.203.0907

Special Operations


Mr. George Martinez-

G. Martinez
I would like to introduce Mr. Martinez,  The Owner of Smack Tactical and Built Right Installers International. Mr. Martinez began his involvement in Tactical Training while serving with the US Army Special Operational Forces, deploying through South and Central America.
Mr. Martinez started his unique career in Construction Research Laboratory, building mockups of high-rise buildings for seismic testing, and high wind threshold to failure. Giving an inside look at the building’s strengths and weaknesses, how to exploit the buildings and how to improve the fortification of the facilities.
Further studies advanced Mr. Martinez as one of only 5 Licensed Master of Transportation Assemblies 97M0017 (automation/ robotics) within the state of Florida. Acquiring additional
national certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Control Panel assemblies, and programing. (Rockwell/ RS Logic etc.)
Mr. Martinez continued to expand his construction company, BRI as a General Contractor. (CGC1506096) his oversight of High Rises, Airports, Distribution Systems, Security System
Integration for Department of Homeland Security Scanners. (Raytheon) Thru numerous systems platforms spanning numerous continents.
Mr. Martinez built his tactical training company, Smack Tactical, with the sole purpose of training Law Enforcement, military and civilians. His use of specialized procedures and proven tactics make him an asset to any training venue.
George specializes in penetration testing, probing facilities for vulnerabilities and progressive breaching.
This Brief dossier of Mr. Martinez career should help In further understanding his potentials.


Elizabeth Arden:                      USA – 300k Full automation, including; conveyors, pick
pack and distribution using high density sorties.
Florida Power & Light:             USA – Pompano build out of natural gas sub pump station 3500 square feet.
Florida Power & Light: USA – Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant – New
maintenance warehouse distribution 45k square feet.
Florida Power & Light: USA – Palm Beach Center – New expansion of structural
steel warehouse system to equal 60k square feet.
Cargill Food International:        USA – New railway distribution system for liquid line
commodities to equal 150k square feet.
Southeast Automotive: USA – South America – New distribution warehouse with
full automation system and structural system and flooring
220k square feet.
Motorola:                                 USA – Puerto Rico – Warehouse expansion system with
elevators and structural racking 51k square feet.
Performance Team:                 USA – Upgrading existing manufacturing facilities for high output using automation system and storage to include high throughput loading dock area to equal 75k square feet
Perry Ellis:                               USA – 200k Square foot warehouse, logistical upgrade including automation and high-density storage system.
Intradeco:                                USA – El Salvador – New sales office with fill production
facilities for International Export to equal 280k square feet
Tropical International:              USA – Upgrade existing distribution system to new design
to equal 130k square feet.
Agave Azul Enterprises:           USA – Demo apartment complex and fabricate new
industrial warehouse, all aspects.
Andy’s Range                          USA- State of the art indoor shooting facility to include all MEP, Structural, electrical, HVAC, Range system etc.


Food, Produce & Manufacture

Trujillo Brothers:          USA – New 185k square foot industrial warehouse, full build out for commodities manufacturing, to include; silos, mold ejection equipment, conveyors, power grid, steam vessel, automation and office space.
Alpine:                         El Salvador – New warehouse for fruit distribution to equal 87k
square feet.
Publix:                          USA – New warehouse for structural rack distribution system, to
include; cold storage to equal 400k square feet.
Winn Dixie:                  USA – New warehouse for structural rack distribution system, to
include cold storage and equal 385k square feet.
Quirch Foods:              USA – New warehouse for structural rack distribution system, to
include cold storage and equal 400k square feet.
Southeast Foods:        USA – New warehouse for structural rack distribution system, to
include cold storage and equal 450k square feet.
Henry Lee:                   USA – Expansion to new structural steel warehouse rack system
and loading docks, to include cold storage and equal 285k square
McArthur Dairy:            USA – Expansion of existing warehouse for new structural rack
system and loading docks, to include cold storage and equal 40k
square feet.


Government / Security

Sensormatic:                       USA – Expansion of building for structural steel storage with logistical analysis and dynamics for intrafraction of security and distribution assemblies. Equaling 140k square feet.
US Army:                                 USA – Storage facility for new secure multi-level Security system of warehousing to equal 90k square feet.
Dept. of Homeland Security:    Raytheon USA / International– Expansion of Airport/Private sector security systems for integration of explosive detection equipment, (scanner, thermal and airborne) assemblies of existing and new building. Installation performed over 20 locations thought the USA, South-Central America and the Caribbean. Equaling over 500k square feet effected.
Dominican Republic                 DR- Complete site engineering of three airport facilities. (La Capital, Puerto Plata, and Samana)
Barnett Bank:                           USA – Expansion of building for high capacity structural steel storage facility to equal 30k square feet.





Carol Wilson has 2 Bachelor’s degrees, one in Microbiology and another in Landscape Architecture. After studying Microbiology and working in a variety of labs from the immunological sciences to the brewing industry to water and wastewater treatment, she returned to school to study Landscape Architecture. She found an interest in Residential Design with a Development Company where she worked on-site layout and landscape design. Carol also corresponded with builders on house location, elevation and landscape installation and conducted Architectural Review on the final product. Due to a desire to be outdoors and to see plans she was designing come to life, she transferred to the Horticulture Division. Through Project Management, she implemented plans from the Design Department. Her duties included, plant purchasing, management of crews and coordinating all phases of the landscape construction process. After 5 years, Carol was promoted to Manager of the Horticulture Department where her duties included setting budgets, approving billings and coordinating all aspects of landscape maintenance, installation and irrigation.

Taking on a new company, Carol teamed up with the Install Division and coordinated all aspects of the installation process on several projects including the first million dollar installation project for the company. She transferred to Facility Services Department and audited banks for landscape enhancement with criteria of keeping safety in mind, i.e. shrubs with a maximum growth height, trees at a minimum distance from ATMs and removal of overgrown material as potential hiding places for threats. It was at this point Carol saw a need for security in the landscape industry, both residential and commercial.

After being in the Landscape Design Industry for over 20 years, Carol started Scenic 360, Inc. in January of 2016, which specializes in designing security into the landscape. This is achieved through the use of lighting, foliage, natural and manmade barriers to exclude potential intruders. She also consults with homeowners on vulnerability assessments for security on the exterior of the home as well as designing and implementing landscape plans for her clients. Scenic 360 along with SOC-G has assessed multiple residential and business sites. Carol Project Managed the implementation of an assessment on a 26,000 sq ft home. This included the installation of five acres of landscape lighting, trimming back overgrown plant material conducive to hiding, and locating security cameras on the exterior of the property. On that same project, Carol also designed three safe rooms, implemented glass break sensors and shatter proof film throughout the house. Scenic 360 has worked with Smack Tactical and SOC-G on active shooter training for schools in Miami and has taught Urban Survival in the landscape. Carol has also helped instruct The Women’s Safety Class with SOC-G to empower women of all ages. With a high sense of security in her background, Carol, with Scenic 360, Inc. brings a unique niche to the forefront of Landscape Design.