Security Services

Baskis Technology Security Services and Consulting

• Vulnerability Assessments
• Force Protection and Security Protocols Assessment
• Red Cell Scenarios for Mature Existing Facilities
• Executive Travelers Course
• Weapons Training and De-escalation Training
• Executive Travelers Advanced Survey and Assessment (Stateside and Overseas)



Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson – Biography

Matt Wilson (MSG) retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta. He has extensive knowledge of Land warfare, Maritime Operation’s, and specializes in overt and covert breaching. Matt’s military assignments include the 75th Ranger Regiment, 7th Special Forces Group and The United States Army Special Operations Command.

Mr. Wilson has extensive knowledge and experience training and instructing in austere and executive settings and various cultures around the world. His skills include hardened structure security, weapons training, Close Quarter Battle (CQB). Matt’s niche skills are in special activities such as covert/surreptitious entry. He utilizes these skill sets to help his clients meet and exceed their needs and goals through consulting and security which can be customized to accommodate any venue and client.

Mr. Wilson’s security and training company, Special Operations Contingent Group, Inc. (SOCG) is a platform to showcase various verticals of training for the military and law enforcement. Matt Wilson and CEO Tommie Flannery Baskis have integrated the Baskis technology and SOCG’s experience and expertise to form the Baskis Technologies Consulting Services and Training. This solid integration of companies introduces Special Operations methodologies as a parallel strategy to incorporate as turn-key operation or as a standalone security service to our clientele. We have strategically aligned our companies to market its capabilities to commercial, federal and international venues to include corporate training, vulnerability assessments (facilities and residential) and advanced party site surveys.

Baskis Technology Security Services and Consulting

Vulnerability Assessments-

  • Physical Exterior and Interior tests identify security and safety vulnerabilities.
  • Recommendations for remediation of lighting, video, fencing and guard protocols.
  • Comprehensive PowerPoint and write up of vulnerabilities and exposure.
  • Force Protection and Security Protocols Assessment-
  • Preventative measures taught to mitigate hostile actions.
     ~This includes employees, facilities and critical information~
  • Assess operational infrastructure and security protocols.
  • Assess and improve current standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for relevancy.

Red Cell Scenarios for Mature Existing Facilities-

  • Unique blend of surveillance, reconnaissance and probing of targeted building(s).
  • Used specifically for a mature secured site.
  • Can be used to test newly secured facility protocols.
  • Nondestructive means of lock defeat and entry

Executive Travelers Course-

  • Developing our client’s situational awareness of people and surroundings.
  • Training on self-defense, improvised weapons and trauma care.
  • Personal restraint defeat techniques.
  • Weapons and De-escalation Training-
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship.
  • Training for counter assault teams (CAT).
  • Urban/Rural movement and tactics.
  • Armed and unarmed de-escalation techniques.

1.) Creating space

2.) Communication techniques

Executive Travelers Advanced Survey and Assessment (Stateside and Overseas)

Designed for safety and security of executive personnel prior to traveling.

Baskis Tech personnel perform security checks of the following

  • Departure and arrival airline
  • Executive lodging
  • Places of interest
  • Route reconnaissance
  • Work itinerary
  • Detailed report of security findings


G. Martinez
George Martinez – Biography

Mr. Martinez is the owner of Smack Tactical and began his involvement in tactical training while serving with the US Army Special Operational Forces, deploying through Central and South America.

Mr. Martinez built his tactical training company, Smack Tactical, with the sole purpose of training law enforcement, military and civilians. His use of specialized training techniques and proven tactics make him an asset to any training venue.

He is highly sought after both stateside and overseas for his consulting, advising and training.

George specializes in pen testing and vulnerability assessments, weapons training and executive protection.




Carol Wilson – Biography

Carol Wilson has 2 Bachelor’s degrees, one in Microbiology and another in Landscape Architecture. After studying Microbiology and working in a variety of labs from the immunological sciences to the brewing industry to water and wastewater treatment, she returned to school to study Landscape Architecture. She found an interest in Residential Design with a Development Company where she worked on site layout and landscape design. Carol also corresponded with builders on house location, elevation and landscape installation and conducted Architectural Review on the final product.

She worked in the Facility Services Department, with a Nashville owned company, and audited banks for landscape enhancement with the principle criteria of keeping safety in mind, i.e. shrubs with a maximum growth height, trees at a minimum distance from ATMs and removal of overgrown material as potential hiding places for threats. It was at this point Carol saw a need for security in the landscape industry, both residential and commercial.

Carol began her tactical training in 2015 specializing in the use of small arms weapons and self-defense (armed and unarmed). This too triggered in her a whole new level of viewing security for the home and business owner: seeing potential threats and how to defeat or deter those threats.

After being in the Landscape Design Industry for over 20 years, Carol started Scenic 360, Inc. in January of 2016, which specializes in designing security into the landscape. This is achieved through the use of lighting, foliage, natural and manmade barriers to exclude and impede potential intruders. Carol taught security in the urban environment to residential communities and added Vulnerability Assessments on residential and commercial buildings to her repertoire within the first year of starting her business.
Carol continues to consult with business and homeowners on vulnerability assessments, implementing cameras, landscape fortification and designing safe rooms for her clients. With a high sense of security in her background, Carol, with Scenic 360, Inc. brings a unique niche to the forefront of Landscape Design.

To inquire and request security and training please contact, Tommie Baskis~
Phone~ 618.841.2843