Draconis Extraction’s Micro Distillery Technology ~

Draconis Extraction’s Micro Distillery Technology ~

Draconis Extraction is adding a new companion technology to its group of technologies. The Micro Distillery is a completely automated system that prepares a mash for fermentation and provides for the fermentation of the wash. The way this works is completely automated, which thereby guarantees that everything is done the same every time, providing for a reproducible product. The system even has one “extra ingredient tank” that allows for the addition of a special or unique taste to your whiskey or bourbon blend.

The system is made up of a hot water system that delivers the water at exactly the right temperature that can be selected by the operator. The basic mash ingredients are added at this time to produce the basic brew. Then, the hot mash is cooled again to the operator selected temperature where Rye can be added and/or a selected special ingredient to give your whiskey that unique taste. The mixture is allowed to steep for the operator selected time and then cooled again to an operator selected temperature where yeast is added and an air mix is accomplished to gently mix the yeast and mash together.

The fermentation process is allowed to complete and is also an operator selected parameter that provides for the efficient conversion of the sugars into alcohol. This mixture at the end of the fermentation event is filtered and goes to the Micro Distillery for the production of your special whiskey or bourbon.

For persons who have a Draconis Extraction Facility all of the components to provide the fermentation and filtration prior to distillation are already available and they only need the mash preparation and cooker portion to provide for the complete Micro Distillery option.
Please inquire and reach out to me, if you have an interest in this or one of our other technologies~ Tommie Flannery Baskis
CEO/ Draconis Extraction Technologies
PH: 618-841-2843
EMAIL: tommieart@earthlink.net



Draconis Extraction, Scientist Paul Baskis, Inspired to Create CBD Oil at Affordable Cost with Energy Efficient Technology, to help Veterans and Others deal with Physical and Psychological Scars

Our Vision at Draconis Technologies, will take the current technology from a costly, complex-to-operate, highly labor-intensive, and inefficient, energy wasting batch-processing into a highly automated, continuous flow of the 21st century industrial-scale, and energy-efficient CBD facility.

Paul T Baskis has had 30 plus years of track record research and development, inventions, facility design and engineering work that has resulted in the awarding of more than 60 patents worldwide dealing with Waste to Energy and Waste Water. Several of Baskis’ patents have been and/or are currently used in commercial wastewater, food processing and/or biomass/animal renderings to liquid fuel facilities.

Our many Businesses, including Draconis Extraction/Distillation that utilize Baskis’ patents have received prestigious awards, and recognition from Scientific American, National Geographic, Time, Money Magazine and many others. One common thread in Baskis’ work has been to find the most energy-efficient way of extracting and converting Carbon, the building block of all organic life-forms, into useful products, using methods and technologies that are inspired and derived from natural processes.

Extraction & Distillation technologies that use ethanol, alcohol, butane or other solvents have been in widespread use in the food sector, medical and recreational sectors for nearly a century, though its use declined after cannabis was outlawed in 1937. The ethanol-based E&D technologies experienced a revival in the 1970s, and scaled up in the mid-1990s when several manufacturers began to build, sell and lease industrial-scale facilities. While some E&D facilities use alcohol or butane, ethanol-based facilities are now most widely used due to the fact that they are safer, healthier and more cost-effective to operate. Ethanol-based E&D technologies are now best known for being a low-cost way of producing large amounts of hemp-derived oil products.

On the other hand, CO2 extraction technologies have a much briefer history, dating back to German efforts in the 1930s and 1940s to extract oil from shale. When the war ended, these large- scale CO2 extractors were repurposed to extract hops for the beer industry. CO2 supercritical extraction technologies became more widely used in the CBD, hemp industry during the last couple of decades.

Baskis’ patented ethanol-based E&D technology introduces low-cost improvements and refinements to existing ethanol-based E&D technologies. These refinements allow for improvements to the productivity and safety of the process, greater control over the quality of the output, lower facility build and operating costs, nearly fully automated facilities, and it dramatically increases the energy efficiency of the process. In fact, Baskis CBD facilities will be the most energy-efficient facilities in the world as a result of Baskis’ nearly 30-year history of working in the WTE sector.

Baskis began to focus his research and development into CBD technologies in 2014 when he realized that, with minor changes, WTE technologies and inventions, that convert any biomass (including harvest residues into biogas and bio-diesel fuels), he had been perfecting for nearly 30 years could easily be applied to extracting CBD oil from hemp.

Baskis’ interest in CBD oils was partly the result of interacting with his son, Steve Baskis and his friends and other Veteran friends we have known.  Some of whom were using CBD oils to help them deal with the physical and psychological scars of being wounded warriors from the Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars. Baskis was determined to find a way to produce large amounts of CBD oils at a more affordable cost, which he was quickly able to accomplish after adapting his latest WTE patent to work on hemp.

After numerous tests on hemp flower, including test results from third-party labs, confirmed the viability and productivity of his technology, Baskis filed his CBD patent in 2015, which was granted in February 2018. With the Patent in hand, Baskis began to reach out and network with leading players in the CBD and medical marijuana industries to find suitable partners in order to bring his game-changing CBD Patent to market.

To inquire about our Patented technologies, please reach out to us at Draconis Extraction. Follow our Blog to see the exciting news for the future.


Draconis’ Patented CBD Extraction Facility ~ Selecting Fiber Length to Make Valuable Products for the Paper, Plastic and Building Industries ~


At Draconis Extraction, our game-changing technologies were created by the inventor Paul Baskis, who has a 30+ year record of patents and bringing to market innovative, and award-winning waste-to-energy (WTE) and waste treatment technologies used in commercial plants around the world.

Draconis Extraction has an amazing addition to the patented extraction facility with the ability to choose the fiber length for use in products related to the building, plastic, paper industries. If processing stalk material, the selected length can be longer, for use in the textile industry.

Draconis also has available patented companion technology that utilizes all biomass and turns the residual biomass into energy.

Our Gold Standard at Draconis Extraction Technologies is to build the most productive, cost-effective, and highly profitable ethanol-based extraction and distillation facility to date. Our extraction facility is versatile, energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

Our Technology is isolated from the environment and does not release any VOC’s!
Draconis’ versatile facility can use 100-percent renewable energy (RE), is highly automated and scalable from 5-Ton, to 25-Ton, to 100-Ton facility and larger.

Draconis Technologies will take the current technology from a costly, complex-to-operate, highly labor-intensive batch-processing into a highly automated, continuous flow of the 21st century, industrial-scale and energy-efficient CBD facility.

This will make Draconis Technologies Company a leader in the global competitiveness throughout U.S. and the international CBD industry.


Draconis Extraction’s New COO, Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson (MSG)~ COO at Draconis Extraction Technologies
Matt Wilson is retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta. He has extensive knowledge of running small specialized teams to Battalion-sized host nation armies.

Mr. Wilson is a result oriented team player who focuses on the growth of the company, employees and future projects. Matt is well versed in presentations, accustomed to addressing clients, vendors, partners, shareholders and corporate board of directors. He is an articulate communicator, capable of building lasting relationships with senior management of clients, partners and vendors.

Mr. Wilson is the owner of Special Operations Contingent Group, Inc. SOC Group is a platform to showcase various verticals of training for not only the military and law enforcement, but to introduce Special Operations methodologies as a parallel strategy to corporate leadership and team building as well as our civilian communities. SOC Group, Inc. has been strategically aligned to market its capabilities to commercial, federal and international venues to include corporate training, vulnerability assessments (facilities and residential) and advanced party site surveys.

Matt also heads up our Security Services at Draconis Extraction and the Baskis/Synfuels businesses.


CBD Oil from Draconis Extraction, is Soluble in All Fats, Making it a Creative Alternative for Chefs, Bakers and ‘Kitchen Cooking’ Enthusiasts !


The CBD oil we create at Draconis is soluble in all fats, making it an excellent and alternative choice for chefs, bakers and ‘Kitchen Cooking’ enthusiasts to supplement CBD oil with other healthy nutritious fats, herb infused lards and oils.

Our Incredible Patented Extraction/Distillation facility at Draconis Extraction Technologies LLC, utilizes an alcohol extraction process, making the precious oil retain the natural essences and aroma of the cannabis.

The Polar Solvent system extracts the alkaloid oils making the oil fully packed with terpenes and the chemical compounds that are so sought after.

I learned early from my Grandmother Virginia Rose and my Mom that baking and cooking with fresh butters and lard saved from prepared bacon was not only nutritious, naturally unadulterated but I loved adding spices and herbs to flavor the fats and oils, making unique and creative flavors for pie crusts, breads and dishes.

My love of medicinal plants and spices started early in my Grandmother’s big kitchen and flower garden.  Thank goodness she had exquisite patience as I smiled and laughed sprinkling cinnamon, pepper, clove and all other aromatic things I could find in the desserts and dough scraps from her pie crusts. She always let me bake my little breads from her scraps, in the oven with her luscious pies.

I always waited in the kitchen where it was warm, aromatic and comforting as our creations baked, asking her to tell me things she knew about cooking.  Through the years and the kitchens I have called my own, I have found joy in experimenting with lards and butters spiced with lavender, rose, cinnamon and clove.  There are so many variations one can find to create a unique experience to share with loved ones.

The full spectrum CBD oil we create from Draconis Extraction can mix very well in all fats and oils; creating a fun way to experiment with unique recipes and nutrition when cooking and baking.

For more inquiries into our Industrial scale, Patented Technology for a facility of your own, please feel free to contact us~


~Draconis Extraction, Enjoyed Weapons Training and Tactics with Matt Wilson of Special Operation Contingent Group, Carol Wilson at Scenic ~360 _ Kentucky, 2019 ~


We are very fortunate to not only have wonderful friendships with our business colleagues in Draconis Extraction and Synfuels Assets Management LLC but we also have incredible Security Services for our Businesses with Matt Wilson, of SOCG, Carol Wilson, of Scenic 360 and George Martinez, of Smack Tactical !

Matt’s incredible skill set and expertise spans from years of military action, training and teaching !  The past September weekend of great training, stories, Ranger TV fireside antics and so forth made for great memories. I am certainly looking forward to next time for an opportunity to improve my skills with weapons training and learning something new with you!

We are always grateful for the opportunity of time, well spent with Matt, Carol and George from Smack Tactical !

We are Veteran Owned companies and truly appreciate the ‘Great Americans and Patriots; we are forever thankful for each and all, as you have chosen the brave path of Protectors !  A path that will always be forged by the bravest ~

Matt Wilson (MSG) retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta. He has extensive knowledge of Land warfare, Maritime Operation’s, and specializes in overt and covert breaching. Matt’s military assignments include the 75th Ranger Regiment, 7th Special Forces Group and The United States Army Special Operations Command.

Mr. Wilson has extensive knowledge and experience training and instructing in various settings and cultures around the world, to include weapons training, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), while specializing in special activities such as covert/surreptitious entry. Matt utilizes these skill sets to help his clients meet and exceed their needs and goals through consulting and security which can be customized to accommodate any venue and client.
SOC Group is a platform to showcase various verticals of training for not only the military and law enforcement, but to introduce Special Operations methodologies as a parallel strategy to corporate leadership and team building as well as our civilian communities.

Carol Wilson teamed up with the Install Division and coordinated all aspects of the installation process on several projects including the first million dollar installation project for the company. She transferred to Facility Services Department and audited banks for landscape enhancement with criteria of keeping safety in mind, i.e. shrubs with a maximum growth height, trees at a minimum distance from ATMs and removal of overgrown material as potential hiding places for threats. It was at this point Carol saw a need for security in the landscape industry, both residential and commercial.

After being in the Landscape Design Industry for over 20 years, Carol started Scenic 360, Inc. in January of 2016, which specializes in designing security into the landscape. This is achieved through the use of lighting, foliage, natural and manmade barriers to exclude potential intruders. She also consults with homeowners on vulnerability assessments for security on the exterior of the home as well as designing and implementing landscape plans for her clients. Scenic 360 along with SOC-G has assessed multiple residential and business sites. Carol Project Managed the implementation of an assessment on a 26,000 sq ft home.

George Martinez, The Owner of Smack Tactical and Built Right Installers International. Mr. Martinez began his involvement in Tactical Training while serving with the US Army Special Operational Forces, deploying through South and Central America.
Mr. Martinez started his unique career in Construction Research Laboratory, building mockups of high-rise buildings for seismic testing, and high wind threshold to failure. Giving an inside look at the building’s strengths and weaknesses, how to exploit the buildings and how to improve the fortification of the facilities.
Further studies advanced Mr. Martinez as one of only 5 Licensed Master of Transportation Assemblies 97M0017 (automation/ robotics) within the state of Florida. Acquiring additional
national certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Control Panel assemblies, and programing. (Rockwell/ RS Logic etc.)
Mr. Martinez continued to expand his construction company, BRI as a General Contractor. (CGC1506096) his oversight of High Rises, Airports, Distribution Systems, Security System
Integration for Department of Homeland Security Scanners. (Raytheon) Thru numerous systems platforms spanning numerous continents.
Mr. Martinez built his tactical training company, Smack Tactical, with the sole purpose of training Law Enforcement, military and civilians. His use of specialized procedures and proven tactics make him an asset to any training venue.

IMG_0804 T Fire

Draconis Patented Extraction Distillation ~New Facility in Kentucky, Producing High Quality CBD Crude for Bulk Purchasers~

The Patented Draconis Extraction System is fully automated and can do a broad spectrum extraction that contains Terpenes and Cannabinoids that are extremely biologically active and provides for the best reported effectiveness in the available literature.


  • The system is scalable from small appliances that can be used to produce product for cottage industry producers to commercial and industrial scale systems

  • The residual cannabis biomass can be further processed into microcrystalline cellulose and or energy products by adding on processing steps that provide for the production of these products

  • Draconis has Companion Technologies that produce energy and or Rayon.

  • would have inputs of 100 to 1,000 tons per day of cannabis biomass.

The fiber from the CBD extraction facility can be fed into the below system to produce energy to run the entire CBD extraction facility and a carbon based fertilizer that is completely organic to be used by the Hemp farmers to produce the Industrial Hemp for the Extraction facility.

Also produced is a liquid synthetic petroleum that has an API of between 30-40 that can be used to power the generators or sold as a separate product.  Therefore there is no energy operating expense to produce the CBD full spectrum oil making it the lowest cost solution.

~ Water is the key to all microbial activity and that can lead to contamination issues in other processes ~

We have no water in our system therefore no microbial growth and we have a pasteurization step as the final distillation. This means we have a very safe process as pointed out by the engineering company.


  1. we can process wet hemp directly out of the field

  2.  we can process stems, flower and other low yielding materials.

  3. Our extremely clean crude feedstock is soluble in all fats and is great for Isolate Production.

  4.  We can build 1,000 Ton facilities that process 2,000,000 lbs. of hemp per day

At Draconis Extraction Technologies, we are Veteran- Owned and offer Security Services from former Special Operations Military team! 

Our “Turn~ Key” business model excels in function, efficiency and pride as we Design, Build, Manage and have Security Services!



~Draconis Creed~

~ Progressus sum, Egregium, Ducis Visionaria ~

Proficiency, Honor, Visionary Leadership



Draconis Extraction and SCP~137 exploring Kentucky Land with SOC Group, Smack Tactical & Scenic~360

We loved spending two days with incredible friends and colleagues from Draconis Extraction, SCP ~137, Special Operations Contingent Group, Smack Tactical, Scenic~360 and Gregory Moser, Esq. (SCP~137) and Eva, the wonderful land owners where our Patented Extraction process is in the making !

Huge hugs go out to Mick, Paul, Greg, Eva, George, Austin, Matt and Carol !!

We are all super excited to make these dreams a reality with you all !

See you soon…


IMG_9995 Draconis Crew in Kentucky

Draconis Extraction Technologies LLC, Interview with ‘Cannabis Tech’ !



See the wonderful interview Link Above, from ‘Cannabis Tech’ !!  ^

“Super Excited!” Our Industrial Patented CBD Extraction Process System at Draconis Extraction Technologies, has been featured in ‘Cannabis Tech’ !

Draconis has initiated the Final Engineering stage and will be breaking ground shortly after the completion in Northern Kentucky!!

I want to do a Big “Thank you” to all of our Military Veteran colleagues and Team members !!

We are so thankful for our colleagues, Dave Mullinix , Robert Stephens, Paul Max LePera, Paul Baskis, Mick Maag, Greg Moser-

We have an incredible Security Services Team, led by Former Ranger, Special Forces and Green Beret men- George Martinez and Matt Wilson.

Matt Wilson (MSG) retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta.  https://www.soc-g.com/

George Martinez- Mr. Martinez,  The Owner of Smack Tactical and Built Right Installers International. Mr. Martinez began his involvement in Tactical Training while serving with the US Army Special Operational Forces, deploying through South and Central America.

It has been a wonderful journey and so much hard work and energy from all of our team, that will pay off in a phenomenal way!!  We do this for all of the people in need of this wonderful plant, including the impact it will make in the sustainability arena and with our added companion technology for waste to energy.

Thank you to all, who are involved in making Hemp, a reality again, as it was in the early days of our Country!!

“Live your Vision, Walk in your Light”-