The Draconis Team

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Tommie Flannery Baskis ~ Director/ CEO of  Draconis Extraction Technologies and President of Synfuels Assets Management LLC

Tommie is CEO of Draconis Extraction Technologies and has worked at the Executive level in wastewater, Waste to Energy and is a highly motivated, successful Marketing Executive. Tommie is the author/photographer of ‘The Abandoned Story’; a collection of stories, photographs and history of Midwest river towns, rural haunts, abandoned places and things left behind.

Tommie is the President of Synfuels Assets Management LLC, a management company for all of the Intellectual property within the Baskis companies. Tommie directs, administers and manages all combined patents and intellectual property assets, within Draconis Extraction Technologies and Synfuels Assets Management LLC.

Synfuels Assets Management LLC, (Draconis Extraction is a subsidiary of Synfuels,) is primarily responsible for processes that produce energy from low level waste material and cellulose.

This can be either from Industry or Municipal origin and utilizes physical chemical and thermal processes to produce high value products; either fuels or precursors for the chemical industry such as ethylene, propylene and butylene, along with many others.
The processes involved also upgrade heavy petroleum, tar sands, asphaltene resids along with reforming waste plastics, rubber, cellulose and virtually any other organic carbon based material into fuels, petrochemicals and other valuable products.

Her passion for medicinal plants, herbs and spices, inspired Tommie to form Angel Blue Perfume LLC. Utilizing our Patented Polar Solvent Extraction Process, helped her create holistic, ‘Victorian Inspired’ artisan perfume and cologne for women and men. Tommie’s driving mission to create natural scents that are free of synthetic aldehydes and toxins, is to help deter any contribution to the pollution of our waterways, natural environment and bodies.

Tommie also resides on the Board of Directors for Atlas Energy Technologies and is the VP of Marketing.

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Paul Thomas Baskis ~ Scientist, Inventor and Secretary/Treasurer of Draconis Extraction Technologies.

Paul is a nationally and internationally known inventor holding several patents and patents pending in waste to energy conversion and waste treatment, as well as waste minimization. Paul has been involved in technology development for over 25 years. His inventions are in use in the agriculture and food processing industries. Mr. Baskis is the founder of Synfuels Assets Management LLC, a leading R&D firm based in Florida with offices in Kentucky and Illinois.

Paul is the CEO of Synfuels Assets Management that manages the assets generated off of his technologies including those from Baswood Corporation, a company that deploys wastewater treatment systems in the industrial and municipal waste industry. Baswood corporation had a ribbon cutting ceremony at Dr. Pepper Snapple bottling plant in Houston, Texas for a waste treatment system utilizing the Dry Cycle Anaerobic Digester, a patented technology developed by Paul.

Dr. Pepper Snapple has expanded the use of this innovative technology to some of their other bottling plants. Paul is the lead inventor on the Advanced Integrated Microbial System that is also being used in the food and beverage industry.

Synfuels Assets Management LLC also provides Licenses to companies, such as Atlas, to provide technologies useful in the conversion of organic waste into very valuable commodities such as fuels, chemicals, coke for the metallurgical industry and gases for producing electricity.

He has recently reached worldwide fame through recognition of his invention of the Thermal De-polymerization Process (TDP) for which he has over 60 patents worldwide.
The Thermal De-polymerization process over 3 million gallons of high quality synthetic fuels per year for over 6 years and was featured in Scientific American, Discovery, National Geographic, Money magazine and many others. Mr. Baskis Graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, with a Graduate Degree in Plant and Soil Science, Soil Microbiology.

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Paul “Max” LePera ~ Vice President at Draconis Extraction Technologies –

Paul “Max” LePera has been an Executive Leader in the Building industry for over 2 decades.

Having post-graduate degrees in both Accounting & Finance, Max has parlayed this knowledge into a career demonstrating profound results in strategic business and relationship development as well as creating the marketing and business strategy for many successful product innovations and launches.

Above all, Max is a visionary and thought leader whose foundations are built around Synergy & Sustainability and from a strong set of core values.   He dedicates much of his success in leadership, strategy, team building, results and perseverance to a lifetime of athletic passion; drawing on these skills to become a highly successful “Corporate Athlete”.

Max is excited to join the executive team of Draconis Extraction Technologies and help drive the Synergy between science and nature.