About Draconis

Draconis Extraction Technologies , Patented CBD/THC Processing System


  • This is an all-natural, alcohol extraction process that provides approximately 90% efficiency in the extraction of CBD or THC from cannabis biomass. The system can do a full spectrum extraction that contains terpenes and Cannabinoids that are extremely biologically active and provides for the best reported effectiveness in the available literature.
  • The system is scalable from small appliances that can be used to produce product for cottage industry producers to commercial and industrial scale systems that would have inputs of 100 to 1,000 tons per day of cannabis biomass.
  • System costs are lower than those associated with high pressure (super critical) carbon dioxide systems and alcohol does not extract the heavier waxes like CO2 systems. The light wax that is extracted can be removed through an easy to add step after the alcohol extraction and prior to distillation.
  • Distillation can be done at atmospheric or it can be accomplished through vacuum distillation with little added expense and a much faster distillation processing.
  • The residual cannabis biomass can be further processed into microcrystalline cellulose and or energy products by adding on processing steps that provide for the production of these products.
  • Companion technologies that produce energy and or Rayon.
  • We are a veteran owned business and will be the first-to-bring-to-market an Industrial scale ethanol-based extraction and distillation (E&D) technology, patented in 2018.
  • Outperforms all competing ethanol-based and CO2-based CBD technologies on a wide range of metrics.
  • For example, our smallest facility (i.e. its 5-TPD plant) will process 41 times more hemp flower than can be processed by the largest-sized CO2 equipment that is currently available in the market (which can process only 0.12-TPD).
  • Our facilities will also cost much less to build and operate. For example, the average CAPEX cost of building a CO2 CBD plant that can process 1-TPD of hemp flower is $4.45 million/ton, which is more than 4.5 times the cost of a 5-TPD facility ($944,960 CAPEX/ton), and more than 19 times the cost of an 150 TPD machine.
  • Our game-changing technologies were created by the inventor Paul Baskis, who has a 30+ year record of patents and bringing to market innovative, and award-winning waste-to-energy (WTE) and waste treatment technologies used in commercial plants around the world.
  • Draconis has an amazing addition to the patented extraction facility with the ability to choose the fiber length for use in products related to the building, plastic, paper and textile industries.
  • Draconis also has available patented companion technology that utilizes all biomass and turns the residual biomass into energy.