Draconis Extraction’s Micro Distillery Technology ~

Draconis Extraction’s Micro Distillery Technology ~

Draconis Extraction is adding a new companion technology to its group of technologies. The Micro Distillery is a completely automated system that prepares a mash for fermentation and provides for the fermentation of the wash. The way this works is completely automated, which thereby guarantees that everything is done the same every time, providing for a reproducible product. The system even has one “extra ingredient tank” that allows for the addition of a special or unique taste to your whiskey or bourbon blend.

The system is made up of a hot water system that delivers the water at exactly the right temperature that can be selected by the operator. The basic mash ingredients are added at this time to produce the basic brew. Then, the hot mash is cooled again to the operator selected temperature where Rye can be added and/or a selected special ingredient to give your whiskey that unique taste. The mixture is allowed to steep for the operator selected time and then cooled again to an operator selected temperature where yeast is added and an air mix is accomplished to gently mix the yeast and mash together.

The fermentation process is allowed to complete and is also an operator selected parameter that provides for the efficient conversion of the sugars into alcohol. This mixture at the end of the fermentation event is filtered and goes to the Micro Distillery for the production of your special whiskey or bourbon.

For persons who have a Draconis Extraction Facility all of the components to provide the fermentation and filtration prior to distillation are already available and they only need the mash preparation and cooker portion to provide for the complete Micro Distillery option.
Please inquire and reach out to me, if you have an interest in this or one of our other technologies~ Tommie Flannery Baskis
CEO/ Draconis Extraction Technologies
PH: 618-841-2843
EMAIL: tommieart@earthlink.net