CBD Oil from Draconis Extraction, is Soluble in All Fats, Making it a Creative Alternative for Chefs, Bakers and ‘Kitchen Cooking’ Enthusiasts !


The CBD oil we create at Draconis is soluble in all fats, making it an excellent and alternative choice for chefs, bakers and ‘Kitchen Cooking’ enthusiasts to supplement CBD oil with other healthy nutritious fats, herb infused lards and oils.

Our Incredible Patented Extraction/Distillation facility at Draconis Extraction Technologies LLC, utilizes an alcohol extraction process, making the precious oil retain the natural essences and aroma of the cannabis.

The Polar Solvent system extracts the alkaloid oils making the oil fully packed with terpenes and the chemical compounds that are so sought after.

I learned early from my Grandmother Virginia Rose and my Mom that baking and cooking with fresh butters and lard saved from prepared bacon was not only nutritious, naturally unadulterated but I loved adding spices and herbs to flavor the fats and oils, making unique and creative flavors for pie crusts, breads and dishes.

My love of medicinal plants and spices started early in my Grandmother’s big kitchen and flower garden.  Thank goodness she had exquisite patience as I smiled and laughed sprinkling cinnamon, pepper, clove and all other aromatic things I could find in the desserts and dough scraps from her pie crusts. She always let me bake my little breads from her scraps, in the oven with her luscious pies.

I always waited in the kitchen where it was warm, aromatic and comforting as our creations baked, asking her to tell me things she knew about cooking.  Through the years and the kitchens I have called my own, I have found joy in experimenting with lards and butters spiced with lavender, rose, cinnamon and clove.  There are so many variations one can find to create a unique experience to share with loved ones.

The full spectrum CBD oil we create from Draconis Extraction can mix very well in all fats and oils; creating a fun way to experiment with unique recipes and nutrition when cooking and baking.

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