~Draconis Extraction, Enjoyed Weapons Training and Tactics with Matt Wilson of Special Operation Contingent Group, Carol Wilson at Scenic ~360 _ Kentucky, 2019 ~


We are very fortunate to not only have wonderful friendships with our business colleagues in Draconis Extraction and Synfuels Assets Management LLC but we also have incredible Security Services for our Businesses with Matt Wilson, of SOCG, Carol Wilson, of Scenic 360 and George Martinez, of Smack Tactical !

Matt’s incredible skill set and expertise spans from years of military action, training and teaching !  The past September weekend of great training, stories, Ranger TV fireside antics and so forth made for great memories. I am certainly looking forward to next time for an opportunity to improve my skills with weapons training and learning something new with you!

We are always grateful for the opportunity of time, well spent with Matt, Carol and George from Smack Tactical !

We are Veteran Owned companies and truly appreciate the ‘Great Americans and Patriots; we are forever thankful for each and all, as you have chosen the brave path of Protectors !  A path that will always be forged by the bravest ~

Matt Wilson (MSG) retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta. He has extensive knowledge of Land warfare, Maritime Operation’s, and specializes in overt and covert breaching. Matt’s military assignments include the 75th Ranger Regiment, 7th Special Forces Group and The United States Army Special Operations Command.

Mr. Wilson has extensive knowledge and experience training and instructing in various settings and cultures around the world, to include weapons training, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), while specializing in special activities such as covert/surreptitious entry. Matt utilizes these skill sets to help his clients meet and exceed their needs and goals through consulting and security which can be customized to accommodate any venue and client.
SOC Group is a platform to showcase various verticals of training for not only the military and law enforcement, but to introduce Special Operations methodologies as a parallel strategy to corporate leadership and team building as well as our civilian communities.

Carol Wilson teamed up with the Install Division and coordinated all aspects of the installation process on several projects including the first million dollar installation project for the company. She transferred to Facility Services Department and audited banks for landscape enhancement with criteria of keeping safety in mind, i.e. shrubs with a maximum growth height, trees at a minimum distance from ATMs and removal of overgrown material as potential hiding places for threats. It was at this point Carol saw a need for security in the landscape industry, both residential and commercial.

After being in the Landscape Design Industry for over 20 years, Carol started Scenic 360, Inc. in January of 2016, which specializes in designing security into the landscape. This is achieved through the use of lighting, foliage, natural and manmade barriers to exclude potential intruders. She also consults with homeowners on vulnerability assessments for security on the exterior of the home as well as designing and implementing landscape plans for her clients. Scenic 360 along with SOC-G has assessed multiple residential and business sites. Carol Project Managed the implementation of an assessment on a 26,000 sq ft home.

George Martinez, The Owner of Smack Tactical and Built Right Installers International. Mr. Martinez began his involvement in Tactical Training while serving with the US Army Special Operational Forces, deploying through South and Central America.
Mr. Martinez started his unique career in Construction Research Laboratory, building mockups of high-rise buildings for seismic testing, and high wind threshold to failure. Giving an inside look at the building’s strengths and weaknesses, how to exploit the buildings and how to improve the fortification of the facilities.
Further studies advanced Mr. Martinez as one of only 5 Licensed Master of Transportation Assemblies 97M0017 (automation/ robotics) within the state of Florida. Acquiring additional
national certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Control Panel assemblies, and programing. (Rockwell/ RS Logic etc.)
Mr. Martinez continued to expand his construction company, BRI as a General Contractor. (CGC1506096) his oversight of High Rises, Airports, Distribution Systems, Security System
Integration for Department of Homeland Security Scanners. (Raytheon) Thru numerous systems platforms spanning numerous continents.
Mr. Martinez built his tactical training company, Smack Tactical, with the sole purpose of training Law Enforcement, military and civilians. His use of specialized procedures and proven tactics make him an asset to any training venue.

IMG_0804 T Fire

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