Draconis Patented Extraction Distillation ~New Facility in Kentucky, Producing High Quality CBD Crude for Bulk Purchasers~

The Patented Draconis Extraction System is fully automated and can do a broad spectrum extraction that contains Terpenes and Cannabinoids that are extremely biologically active and provides for the best reported effectiveness in the available literature.


  • The system is scalable from small appliances that can be used to produce product for cottage industry producers to commercial and industrial scale systems

  • The residual cannabis biomass can be further processed into microcrystalline cellulose and or energy products by adding on processing steps that provide for the production of these products

  • Draconis has Companion Technologies that produce energy and or Rayon.

  • would have inputs of 100 to 1,000 tons per day of cannabis biomass.

The fiber from the CBD extraction facility can be fed into the below system to produce energy to run the entire CBD extraction facility and a carbon based fertilizer that is completely organic to be used by the Hemp farmers to produce the Industrial Hemp for the Extraction facility.

Also produced is a liquid synthetic petroleum that has an API of between 30-40 that can be used to power the generators or sold as a separate product.  Therefore there is no energy operating expense to produce the CBD full spectrum oil making it the lowest cost solution.

~ Water is the key to all microbial activity and that can lead to contamination issues in other processes ~

We have no water in our system therefore no microbial growth and we have a pasteurization step as the final distillation. This means we have a very safe process as pointed out by the engineering company.


  1. we can process wet hemp directly out of the field

  2.  we can process stems, flower and other low yielding materials.

  3. Our extremely clean crude feedstock is soluble in all fats and is great for Isolate Production.

  4.  We can build 1,000 Ton facilities that process 2,000,000 lbs. of hemp per day

At Draconis Extraction Technologies, we are Veteran- Owned and offer Security Services from former Special Operations Military team! 

Our “Turn~ Key” business model excels in function, efficiency and pride as we Design, Build, Manage and have Security Services!



~Draconis Creed~

~ Progressus sum, Egregium, Ducis Visionaria ~

Proficiency, Honor, Visionary Leadership