Draconis Extraction Technologies LLC, Interview with ‘Cannabis Tech’ !



See the wonderful interview Link Above, from ‘Cannabis Tech’ !!  ^

“Super Excited!” Our Industrial Patented CBD Extraction Process System at Draconis Extraction Technologies, has been featured in ‘Cannabis Tech’ !

Draconis has initiated the Final Engineering stage and will be breaking ground shortly after the completion in Northern Kentucky!!

I want to do a Big “Thank you” to all of our Military Veteran colleagues and Team members !!

We are so thankful for our colleagues, Dave Mullinix , Robert Stephens, Paul Max LePera, Paul Baskis, Mick Maag, Greg Moser-

We have an incredible Security Services Team, led by Former Ranger, Special Forces and Green Beret men- George Martinez and Matt Wilson.

Matt Wilson (MSG) retired from the United States Army with over 26 years of operational experience as an Army Ranger, Special Forces “Green Beret” and 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta.  https://www.soc-g.com/

George Martinez- Mr. Martinez,  The Owner of Smack Tactical and Built Right Installers International. Mr. Martinez began his involvement in Tactical Training while serving with the US Army Special Operational Forces, deploying through South and Central America.

It has been a wonderful journey and so much hard work and energy from all of our team, that will pay off in a phenomenal way!!  We do this for all of the people in need of this wonderful plant, including the impact it will make in the sustainability arena and with our added companion technology for waste to energy.

Thank you to all, who are involved in making Hemp, a reality again, as it was in the early days of our Country!!

“Live your Vision, Walk in your Light”-