Draconis Patented Industrial Scale CBD Extraction and Companion Technologies

Draconis Patented, Industrial Scale, CBD Extraction and Companion Technologies-

Draconis Patented, Industrial Scale Extraction Technology has already developed and is ready to deploy a companion plant for the CBD Extraction/Distillation plant that will take all of the residual coming out of the system and converting it into fuels and high value chemicals such as ethylene, propylene and butylene.  These are the back bone of the plastics industry.

Another companion technology, cellulose Acetate (Rayon) that DET is preparing and discussing, technology with Ravi Randhava, who was known as the father of cellulose acetate and developed the early cellulose acetate processes and products. 

We will be offering a companion plant for large scale systems (100t/day and larger) that will take the residual cellulose fiber and chemically convert it into rayon, the only true renewable plastic.  Rayon is extremely strong and durable.

Also we have plans to develop chemical retting processes that will take the fiber from the cellulose and remove the starch and other components such as lignin.  This process will also soften the fiber and make more like cotton but it will still maintain its hemp strength.

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