We at Draconis, are Industrial Hemps Future – The Gateway to a Myriad of Products!

Our Patented CBD Process for extracting CBD/THC is extremely efficient and can produce food grade extract or pharmaceutical grade extract.

The Patent covers the subsequent purification of the extract using high pressure CO2 for producing isolates.

Using CO2 after the plant extraction is much more efficient and keeps you from having a stranded asset. Any post processing is covered for producing purified isolate products.

Our system can process between 25 and 1,000t/day. We are Industrial Hemps future and the gateway to a myriad of products. More to come !



  • This is an all-natural, alcohol extraction process that provides approximately 90% efficiency in the extraction of CBD or THC from cannabis biomass. The system can do a broad spectrum extraction that contains terpenes and Cannabinoids that are extremely biologically active and provides for the best reported effectiveness in the available literature.
  • The system is scalable from small appliances that can be used to produce product for cottage industry producers to commercial and industrial scale systems that would have inputs of 100 to 1,000 tons per day of cannabis biomass.
  • System costs are lower than those associated with high pressure (super critical) carbon dioxide systems and alcohol does not extract the heavier waxes like CO2 systems. The light wax that is extracted can be removed through an easy to add step after the alcohol extraction and prior to distillation.
  • Distillation can be done at atmospheric or it can be accomplished through vacuum distillation with little added expense and a much faster distillation processing.
  • The residual cannabis biomass can be further processed into microcrystalline cellulose and or energy products by adding on processing steps that provide for the production of these products.