Draconis’ Patented Process Technology for CBD extraction and companion technology for ‘Waste to Energy’

Draconis Extraction Technologies has developed and patented an extremely, efficient alcohol, extraction distillation process, that can be used with clones, transplants and seed grown plants.

The system is efficient and recovers 95% or more of the alcohol and at least 90% of the heat, used to distill the oil.

Draconis also has a companion technology to convert the waste material into energy in the form of a biogas, synthetic natural gas, synthetic petroleum and a high fixed carbon fertilizer that will have a 5-5-5 composition.

All of the energy can be used on site to power the facility and excess energy can be wheeled out on the power lines.

Draconis is also developing systems to use some of the residual biomass from fiber production to produce a fine cellulose for the paper industry. Also the cellulose fiber can be treated and converted to rayon for use in the plastic industry.

Please contact, Tommie Baskis, CEO, for more information